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what is network security

What is Network Security?

Network Security includes policies and provisions which are legally adopted by the administrator for preventing the access of unauthorized users or illegal use or modification of network resources.

Concepts of Network Security:

Generally network security starts with the username and password. It is termed as first factor authentication. Security token, cell phone or ATM card is termed as a second factor authentication. Fingerprint or scan of the retina is termed as third factor authentication.

After authenticated, the firewall follows the access policies and restricts the access of unauthorized users. Although it may be effective in preventing unauthorized users but it fails in checking the trojans or worms or other harmful contents. Therefore antivirus software or IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is required to detect and kill such harmful contents. An Anomaly based Intrusion Detection System is used for monitoring the network and network traffic.

Management of Network Security:

Management of Network Security will be of different kinds for different places. A home and office require low level network security whereas a large business sector requires high level network security for preventing the network from spamming or hacking.


  • Basic firewall and antivirus software.
  • Use the Robust password for wireless connection.
  • Change default name of SSID and disable the broadcast of SSID, because it is not required for residential use.
  • MAC address filtering should be enabled.
  • Requires assigning of Static IP address.
  • ICMP should be disabled in router.
  • Assign passwords to every account.
  • Firewall logs should be reviewed for identifying network traffic.

Medium Business Areas:

  • Fairly best firewall and antivirus software are required.
  • Use unpredictable passwords and replace it with a new one for every week or month.
  • Use the Robust password for wireless connection.
  • Optional network monitor or analyzer should be used.
  • Increase awareness about network security to the workers. 

Large Business Sectors:

  • Strong firewall and antivirus software are required.
  • Use tough passwords and replace it by a week or month.
  • Use the Robust password for wireless connections.
  • Use network analyzer whenever it is required.
  • Security precautions should be exercised to the workers.
  • The security can be maximized by Security Guards.
  • The perimeter of the company is marked by Security Fencing.

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