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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a wireless service that uses mobile devices for marketing communication. The most specific definition for mobile marketing is “Mobile Marketing is a number of practices that allows companies to have communication with their customers in an interactive manner via mobile network.” Mobile Marketing is generally called as ‘Wireless Marketing’.


Mobile Marketing through Multimedia Message Sending (MMS) includes text, pictures, music, and videos with a slideshow presentation. Nowadays every color display phone has the ability to send and receive MMS. Brands have the ability of sending and receiving highly rich contents via MMS Application to Person (A2P) networks to the subscribers. In other networks, brands also have the ability of sponsoring messages which are sent Person to Person (P2P).


SMS Mobile Marketing has increased rapidly in Asia and Europe and it has become a new way to communicate with their customers. It has become the best service for mobile marketing organizations. When considered SMS mobile marketing in Europe, hundred millions of advertising SMS is sent per month. It is very effective when compared to other wireless services.


The oldest wireless service of mobile marketing is Infrared and it allows only limited form. Some European organizations tried this type of marketing in 1990 to send messages, but it was not up to the expected extent because it has only very low transfer range.


After the release of Bluetooth service in 2003, some European organization started Bluetooth mobile marketing as a very successful business. This technology offers many advantages. It provides a quick transfer of messages. It also has Radio related technology for free transfer of messages.

Proximity Systems:

Proximity Systems Mobile Marketing depends on the GSM (03.41) that defines SMS cell broadcast. SMS Cell Broadcast permits messages to be published to all users in a relatively defined geographical area. This system allows various offer text to be sent to mobile phone.


  • Immediate and direct communication with the customers
  • Very effective in cost
  • Developed data management
  • Integration of cross media is easy

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