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Top Seven Attractive Windows 7 Themes

Microsoft Windows 7 is the most commonly used operating system in the world. Although Windows 8 OS has got a good response from the users, many people really don’t opt to leave Windows 7. So, we have lined up seven attractive themes that can be applied in both Windows 7 and 8 OS.

7. Sunny Shores:

Sunny Shores is one of the best windows 7 themes having 13 natural scenery images. The crystal clear waters, serene landscapes, and eye-catching beaches of Europe, Africa, and Australia are some of the inspiring images.

windows 7 theme

Download Sunny Shores

6. Glowing Beaches:

Glowing Beach is a 14-image free theme revealing the beauty of dawn and dusk of a coastline. These images are taken from California to New Zealand with multi-colored scenes of sunrise and sunset.

windows 7 themes

Download Glowing Beaches

5. Antarctic Theme

Antarctic is the best natural scenery theme of the Antarctic region featuring the images of the Penguins play in beaches and ices.

windows 7 theme

Download Antarctic Theme

4. Ducati 2 Theme:

Ducati 2 theme is dedicated to the lovers of motorcycles. This free theme captures the attractive views of tires, body, engine, L-twin, and more.

windows 7 theme

Download Ducati 2 Theme

3. Rainbows Theme:

The rainbow is the best looking natural theme that decorates your desktop with priceless rainbow images. The stunning seven color strips glowing at the back of attractive landscapes is really a treat to watch.

windows 7 theme

Download Rainbows Theme

2. Lugares Coloridos Theme:

Lugares Coloridos is a gorgeous theme, which brings the mixtures of Latin America with attractive painted walls, street view, lush green foliage, beaches, flowers, and more.

windows 7 theme

Download Lugares Coloridos Theme

1. Diffusion Theme:

Diffusion is the attractive windows 7 theme, which brings beauty to your desktop with its beautiful and gorgeous abstract images.

windows 7 theme

Download Diffusion Theme

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