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Specialities of 4G Mobile Technology

4G mobile technology means the fourth generation of mobile technology and it is followed by 2G and 3G mobile technology. It can also said to be an updated version of mobile technology, because it offers many lacking services, requirements, features etc., which are missing in the previous version. It mainly includes lighting fast wireless broadband access. It also includes many attractive and interesting features. This technology will also support other fixed wireless networks as well.

The features of 4G mobile technologies can be said in one word that is integration because it integrates wireless networks, terminals and different apps to meet the expectations of users. Here are some detailed features of 4G mobile technology:

  • The new generation 4G mobile technology offers high download speed up to 100 Mbps for communication of high mobility. And it offers 1 Gbps for communication of low mobility.
  • It is expected to secure all internet protocol (IP) based wireless broadband solutions for laptops, Smartphones, mobile broadband modems etc.
  • It features some important facilities like IP Telephony, fast streaming of multimedia, best services in games and Ultra Broadband Internet access.
  • It also has pre 4G technologies like WiMax, LTE etc. These features are in the field for last 2 to 3 years. There were some requirements lacking in these features. So, these features are now additionally improved to meet their requirements.
  • The 4G technology provides OFDMA and other equalization schemes based on frequency domain by replacing the technologies from 3G systems like CDMA network radio and IS 95.
  • It is integrated with Multiple in Multiple Out (MIMO) to offer Dynamic channel allocation, Scheduling the channel dependent and Multiple Antennas.

The 4G mobile technology promises to satisfy the Personal Computing and Communication (PCC) goal – provides high speed data rate through wireless networks. Therefore, the 4G mobile technology will offer all latest technology with it.

Check out the below video to know more about 4G mobile technology:

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