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Robotics Training – The Booming Industry

Why Robotics?

Robotics is a mixture of electronics, machine design, and computer programming that helps a machine to work by itself without any human intervention. Most of the schools and colleges use robots as a learning tool to motivate students about math and science.

Instead of mugging up, Robotics will spread the taste of practical learning. It also gives the space to develop and implement their own ideas with deeper understanding of interdisciplinary fields of study.

New technologies are introduced day by day, and it is valuable to learn how to create it rather than learning to use it. The future belongs to technology, and today’s students are tomorrow’s technologists. Spend a time to learn robotics and enjoy the sweetness of innovative learning.

Where Robotics?

JAY Robotics Club, an innovative Robotics Training and Education Company in Chennai aims to spread robotics learning to everyone, who has a wide interest in developing their own application-oriented robots.


“Innovative Learning is FUN”

It will be the perfect place to learn robotics as they provide three modes of robotics learning:

  • Classroom Training
  • Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Robotics Self Learning

For more details, visit the official website: Robotics Training & Robotics Workshop


At the end of the course, JAY Robotics Club guarantee that every student will have the ability to design a new robot. In the course of training, students will have complete hands-on training in building robots and will meet a challenge to develop their own robot of one particular application.

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