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Guinness World Record for Cakes

China breaks Guinness World Record for cooking Largest Steamed Cake. During the celebration of 2013 Dragon Boat Festival, more than 20 women cooks from Hami Prefecture spent over 5 hours to cook this largest steamed cake. According to World Record Academy, this cake has set the world record for the Largest Steamed Cake for its 2.6 meters diameter and 500 kilograms weight.

This World’s Largest Steamed Cake was displayed on 12 June, 2013 at the Dragon Boat Festival 2013 and 3rd Gourmet Festival in Barkol Kazak Autonomous County. The cakes were cut into pieces and served for free to more than 1000 guests and tourists.

Other related Guinness World record includes the making of the Largest Rice Cake by Kwak Sungho of South Korea, which weighed 3680 kilograms. It was cooked and displayed at the 12th World Rice Food Festival, South Korea.

Another well recognized Guinness World Record is the Largest Chinese Almond Cake. It was cooked for a weight of 155.20 kilograms by Civil Aid Service Hong Kong and displayed in Guangdong, China.

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