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Green Manufacturing

Manufacturing the production processes such as resource savings, release of pollutants and recycling of components with the consideration of environmental impact at all stages is known as Green Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Process:

JIT Manufacturing:

  • Reduction of cost
  • Quality improvement

ISO 9000 AND ISO 14000:

  • Changes the motivation
  • Recognized quality standards are followed by the companies

Zero Emission Strategy:

  • Damaging the products from the production process is eliminated.
  • Zero emissions are actively followed by 16% of companies.
  • Reduced emission strategies are followed by 85% of companies.

Industries with green manufacturing:
Many of the industries are now following green manufacturing. Some of them are listed below:

  • Nokia
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • IBM
  • Sony

The benefits of green manufacturing are

  • Useless costs are saved
  • Research and Design are promoted
  • Great reputation to the public is created


  • Waste and pollution are minimized.
  • Production process wastes are eliminated.
  • Valuable resources are saved.
  • Better quality and reliability.
  • Cost is reduced with the help of a zero emission strategy.


  • Product cost such as converting raw material, the price of raw material, research cost is increased. 
  • Information and availability are missing.

Green manufacturing maximizes raw material uses and minimizes the waste and environmental impact caused by industries. So now many companies are going with the process of green manufacturing. GO GREEN.

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