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Robotics Training – The Booming Industry

Why Robotics? Robotics is a mixture of electronics, machine design, and computer programming that helps a machine to work by itself without any human intervention. Most of the schools and colleges use robots as a learning tool to motivate students about math and science. Instead of mugging up, Robotics will spread the taste of practical learning. It also gives the space to develop and implement their own ideas with deeper understanding of ...

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Top Five Rolex Watches

If you love to wear watches, then Rolex might be your dream model. Hope, I am right! Since its inception from 1905, Rolex has been the true pioneer in manufacturing wristwatches with many new innovations like waterproof (up to 100m), automatic date and day changing on dial, displaying two different time zones on a watch, etc. Rolex produces a couple of 1000 watches per day and ranks No. 57 in ...

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What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the making of duplicate version of an operating system, a storage device or a server, where the basic system divides the resource into one or more execution. For example: The partition of hard drive is meant to be a virtualization because it can be partitioned to create two separate hard drives. TYPES OF VIRTUALIZATION: The major three types of virtualization are Network Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Server Virtualization. a) Network Virtualization: Network Virtualization is ...

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Five Best Tips to Succeed in a Group Discussion (Interview)

Group discussion will be the important session in an interview to prove the communication and listening skills. Confident speech will be best during an argument. The mark also counts for good body language. However, these things will be easy to maintain but there are even some solutions to be done on and before GD. Must brush up the awareness of issues, current affairs and happenings that affect on one’s life. Reading ...

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lower electricity bill

Five Best Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill

Nowadays electricity bill is increasing day by day due to some useless usage. We are aware of some useless usages, but there are some severe things to be done to avoid high electricity bill. So, here are five best solutions to reduce your electricity bills: Generally most of them used to switch on lights and fans in every room even if they are alone. In this case, turn off lights and ...

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jasmine tea

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea is a kind of scented tea, which produces the fragrance of jasmine flower.  It is similar to other tea types like green tea, black tea, and white tea. This tea was introduced during the period of the Song Dynasty, and it is most famous in China. How it is prepared? At the start of spring, the tea leaves are harvested and stored till late summer. The fresh jasmine flowers are picked, ...

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what is network security

What is Network Security?

Network Security includes policies and provisions which are legally adopted by the administrator for preventing the access of unauthorized users or illegal use or modification of network resources. Concepts of Network Security: Generally network security starts with the username and password. It is termed as first factor authentication. Security token, cell phone or ATM card is termed as a second factor authentication. Fingerprint or scan of the retina is termed as third ...

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what is mesothelioma cancer

Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is caused by the lining of cells in abdominal cavities or chest. Generally, mesothelioma results by the exposure of asbestos. The doctor uses an instrument called thoracoscope to see inside the affected chest and the doctor uses another instrument called peritoneoscope to see inside the affected abdomen. Early aggressive treatment is required in mesothelioma. Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer: Some of the important symptoms caused by mesothelioma are Shortness of breath. Pain in ...

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Dress Code for an Interview

In an interview, Dress Code will be an important factor. Usually the HR selects a man or women not only based on their intelligence and communication skills, they also take note on their dress code. If they lack in wearing a proper dress code, then there will be only a little chance to get selected in an interview. Here are some solutions to wear proper dressing for an interview. General dress ...

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Top Three Tourist Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most attractive, vibrant and spectacular tourist place in the world. It provides both traditional and modern places for the visitors. Visiting Hong Kong offers street markets, hotels, architecture and traditional places. This place is also well known for its colorful and awesome festivals. Victoria Peak: Victoria Peak is one of the best tourist places in Hong Kong. Victoria Peak is situated very nearer to Victoria Harbour available in ...

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