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business process areas of crm

7 Key Business Process Areas of CRM

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a method used for attracting new customers for increasing business profits as well as reducing the cost of marketing services. It provides information about customers and responsiveness and effectiveness in marketing and sales. The main process in CRM is to develop a better relationship between the customers and partners. The key business process areas of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are: Service Sales Marketing Partner Channel Management Web Channel Enablement Running ...

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what is contract management

What is Contract Management?

Contract Management is also known as Contract Administration. It is used to manage contracts that are made with partners or customers. This process can efficiently manage the creation, analysis and execution of contract. By this process, it maximizes performance and financial and minimizes the risk. Some of the contracts that are commercially common are sales invoice, employment letter, purchase order and useful contract. What are contracts? Contracts are legal covering of an ...

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mobile marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a wireless service that uses mobile devices for marketing communication. The most specific definition for mobile marketing is “Mobile Marketing is a number of practices that allows companies to have communication with their customers in an interactive manner via mobile network.” Mobile Marketing is generally called as ‘Wireless Marketing’. MMS: Mobile Marketing through Multimedia Message Sending (MMS) includes text, pictures, music, and videos with a slideshow presentation. Nowadays every ...

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