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bio mechatronic hand

What is Bionic Hand?

Bio Mechatronic Hand or Bionic Hand is a device referred as artificial hand that is used as a functional substitution for a natural hand and humanoid robotics applications. This hand has been designed with the help of sensory motors.

Generally, the robot hands require high level performance in grasping and manipulation, but these hands are operated by large controllers, which are not applicable in the bionic hand.


Before starting the artificial hand design some of the requirements have to be considered. They are the following:

  • Natural appearance
  • Noiselessness
  • Lightness
  • Controllability
  • Less energy consumption

These requirements will be done successfully by implementing the integrated design approach, which is aimed at different functions like mechanisms, actuation, sensing and control. It brings a close replication with the appearance of the human hand. This design approach is synthesized by the name “Bio Mechatronic Design”.

Finger designs:

The size and kinematics of a human finger can be reproduced by the design of two prototypes. There are three phalanxes and palm housing for designing a middle and index finger of a bionic hand. Without a thumb design, it would not be a complete hand. The thumb will be the main finger for performing grasping tasks.

At least three fingers are required for grasping the object. The assembling process provides two grasping tasks:

  • Cylindrical Grasp,
  • Tripod Pinch Grasp.

The hand is fabricated with the use of Fused Deposition Modeling {FDM} process. The angular position of the hand is measured with the help of 6 Hall Effect position sensors.


  • Better performance
  • Large controllers are not required for operating the hand
  • Minute sensors
  • Operation is easy
  • Avoids friction forces

The Bio Mechatronic Hand is spreading throughout the world because of its human like appearance, controllability, low energy consumption and weight. But still it is in improvement status for adding more applications.

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