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Five Best Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill

Nowadays electricity bill is increasing day by day due to some useless usage. We are aware of some useless usages, but there are some severe things to be done to avoid high electricity bill. So, here are five best solutions to reduce your electricity bills:

  1. Generally most of them used to switch on lights and fans in every room even if they are alone. In this case, turn off lights and fans in the other rooms. Replace ordinary bulbs to power saving bulbs. Although the cost of power saving bulbs is on the higher side, it saves electric power as well as money.
  2. When everyone in the house is away or sleeping, the programmable thermostats will be the main source to reduce the electricity wastages. It provides automatic adjusting of temperature settings for saving energy levels. It will help to save up to 20% of the electricity bill.
  3. A perfect use of home appliances will definitely reduce the power consumption. For example: 1) Most of them use to switch off television with remote instead of switching off the main. This will severely increase the electricity bill. 2) Washing a full load of dresses in a washing machine will certainly decrease electricity bill when comparing with multiple washes.
  4. Heating of water mainly increases the electricity bill. For this vinyl cased fiber glass water jackets can be alternatively used. Solar water heater will also be another better way to reduce electricity bills and save energy.
  5. Always maintain the environment of the house very clean and keep away from dust. Proper sealing of the house is very important. This will certainly reduce the energy levels. Even a crack will definitely increase the electricity bill.

The above five solutions will surely reduce the electricity bill up to 20% – 25%. Therefore wind and solar energy power generator will be the right option to reduce 100% of the electricity bill.

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