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Best Alternate Web Browsers for Chrome

If you are bored working in Chrome, then it is the right time to search for an alternate web browser that could compete with Chrome’s safe, secure, and fast browsing. Once you ask for alternate web browser, everyone tends to say Firefox is the best. Yes, of course, it is true. You can definitely opt for Firefox, but some might think of working in new browsers with better features. So, I have listed three best alternate web browsers for Chrome excluding Firefox.

1. Opera:

Supported OS: Windows / Mac / Linux

opera we browser

Opera is an innovative web browser, which acts as a real alternate web browser for Chrome. It is fast and free for download. I personally recommend this browser for its style and fast.

Some of the useful features of Opera are Speed up on slow networks, Mouse gestures, Pop-up blocking, private browsing, Extensions, Customization, User JavaScript, and more.

Download Opera

2. Comodo Dragon:

Supported OS: Windows

Comodo Dragon Web Browser

Comodo Dragon is the best freeware browser that provides high security. It is a chromium-based web browser that has the features of Chrome and unparalleled security and privacy.

Some notable features are safe and secure browsing, unsurpassed speed, user friendly, customized add-ons and plug-ins, and crash-free browsing.

Download Dragon

3. Torch:

Supported OS: Windows / Mac

Torch Web Browser

Torch is another freeware chromium-based web browser with some unbelievable features. It has almost the same appearance of Chrome. Torch Media has recently announced that the users of Torch have surpassed 10 million active users as of 18th June, 2013.

Some of the unique features of Torch are built-in torrent, media grabber, social sharing, download accelerator, and secure browsing.

Download Torch

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